Sunday, 12th November 2017

We woke up to another beautiful day in Hiroshima, packed our bags, and headed to the station to catch the Shinkansen back to Osaka.


Hiroshima was the furthest West we were going to get on this holiday. From now on we'd be heading East, back the way we'd come and back towards Tokyo.

Hiroshima to Osaka

Since most of the day was spent travelling, we didn't take many photos of the actual travel part; so here's a photo of the Shinkansen before we got on it...


... and now it's dark, and we're in Osaka!

Here's a photo looking back at the massive shopping centre which sits on top of Osaka Station. (You can just see the slanted roof of the station off to the left)


Next to the Osaka station is Yodobashi Umeda, another shopping centre that has 6 whole floors of one massive shop called Yodabashi Camera

Yodabashi Camera

This was the camera tripod section:

Lots of camera tripods at Yodabashi Camera

This was just one of the Gundam model aisles:

Aisle of Gundam models at Yodabashi Camera
Gundam models

We saw a lot of different collectible sets.

They started with the usual; cute sets of cats, sets of dogs, your favourite anime characters, anime characters eating sushi, anime characters dressed as sushi, cats representing different countries, dogs crossed with different types of sandich, anime characters crossed with kitchen appliances, poseable skeletons doing household chores...

Words just can't do justice to the sheer variety and inventiveness. You name it, you could collect it.

Weird skeleton models

Also, none of these were one-offs, there was always a whole set of them to collect.

We headed up to the top-floor to look for a new restaurant to try.

Alyssa and an ice cream sundae

Before heading off to a must-see shopping destination: Osaka's Pokémon Centre!

Lots of Pokémon
Team Rocket Pikachu

There were Pikachu rucksacks, Pikachu luggage covers, Pikachu noodles to eat in Pikachu ramen bowels with Pikachu chopsticks! It seemed like anything you wanted with Pikachu on, you could get here!

We left the Pokémon Center and headed back to our hotel.

Nighttime in Osaka

On the way, we stopped off at a corner shop to buy more snacks for tomorrow.

So many things to choose from